What's New in RapidMiner Radoop 9.10.0?

Released: August 12, 2021

The following improvements are part of RapidMiner Radoop 9.10.0.

New Features

  • Radoop connections can now be exported as connection objects to projects and repositories
  • Hadoop Data View supports legacy and new connections side by side
  • New operator Radoop Connection Test to make connection testing and log collections easy (especially in AI Hub executions)


  • The core Pivot operator now runs as expected inside a SparkRM operator.
  • Updated heuristics for Hive table reads in Radoop Spark jobs to prevent failing Spark jobs when hidden Hive staging directories are present.


Radoop 9.10.0 requires RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner AI Hub version 9.8.0 (or later) to function properly.