Advanced Enhancements

If simple operators do not fit your needs, there are several more advanced possibilities to enhance RapidMiner Studio. Learn how to use the PluginInit class to change some of RapidMiner's behavior during startup, before any operator is executed, and how to:

The PluginInit class

The class offers hooks for changing RapidMiner's behavior during startup. RapidMiner automatically creates the class PluginInit when you initialize your extension. It does not have to extend any super class, since its methods are accessed via reflection. There are four methods that are called during startup of RapidMiner. The following might be interesting for you:

public static void initPlugin()

The initPlugin method is called directly after the extension is initialized. It is the first hook during start up. No initialization of the operators or renderers has taken place when this is called.

public static void initGui(MainFrame mainframe)

The initGui method, called before the GUI of the mainframe is created, is called during start up as the second hook. The MainFrame is passed as an argument to register GUI elements, while the operators and renderers are registered.

public static void initFinalChecks()

initFinalChecks is the last hook before the splash screen closes.

If you install your extension on RapidMiner Server, the only method called during startup is initPlugin.